• Clear Egg Singles: Light Orange


    Clear Soft Beads: Light Orange

    These replicate real salmon egg single with the shape and size of the eggs but also the color!

    UV coloring has been added to the eggs to bring out the bright color.

    Sizes available:  #1 - (6.25mm dia.), #2 - (7.7mm dia.), #3 - (9.5mm dia.) and #4 - (11mm dia.) 

    #1 -  (6.25mm dia.) 20 per pack!

    #2 - (7.7mm dia.) 20 per pack!

    #3 - (9.5mm dia.) 20 per pack!

    #4 - (11mm dia.)  18 per pack!

    All our baits are made here in Canada!

    How To: Rig Soft Beads For Steelhead/Trout And Salmon! 

    Photo of the eggs measured in inches!