Reed Rod Wraps: Orange With Black beads.


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Reed Rod Wraps: Orange With Black Beads

Reeds Rod Wraps we applied some basic ingenuity and put something together called " Reeds Rod Wraps".
The Rod Wrap was designed to help keep your fishing rod together at the top and bottom while packing in to fishing spots, 
storing away, or just traveling from point to point. Reeds Rod Wraps are very durable and made of a fabric/bungee cord material 
that allows you to easily cinch your two rod pieces together, is not abrasive and will not leave blemishes or scratches on your rods. 
Reeds Rod Wraps are very durable and have been weight tested to hold up to and over 28 pounds of pressure. Our last test was 
with a 28 pound anchor and they held up strong. These things are tough!! We also use no plastic pull ends or plastic sliders that after time and 
use will come off or break.