• Steelhead Worms: Alouette Pearl


    Steelhead Worms: Alouette Pearl

    • Cleardrift produces soft/durable plastic steelhead worms, that works perfectly under a drift fishing rig under a float. 
    •  UV coloring added to the worms to draw in some big fish! 
    • All of Cleardrift's soft plastic baits are non-scented.
    • Cleardrift's soft plastic is non-scented.
    • Do you want scent on your baits? We recommend these scents! 
    •         • https://amzn.to/2BPA4Rf  - (Anise Super Gel.)

              • https://amzn.to/2qDs7fn - (Shrimp Super Gel.)

      Sizes available:

      3" - 8 worms per pack!

      3.5" - 8 worms per pack!!

      4.5" - 8 worms per pack!

      All our plastic baits are made in Canada!